The Death of the Poet

What a worthless poet we have lost!  
Cheery, anxious and attractive
Like a rotten lief he’s cought by frost
In November day he’s captive.

What a great beginning we were seeing!
While he was making fun of us.
And he didn’t know the hole was digging,
When his back absorbed first curse.

He was all eyes but he saw nothing 
Stripy nothing mixed with something
He had met in his deep childhood
In times he dreamt about the knighthood.

He was the kindest and the sweetest boy
Everything brought him boundless joy.
But woe sometimes runs across our way
And it happened to him one sad day.

(to be continued..)

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Self Creation. Part I

I feel the weight of head on hands
The crowd’s roar’s running over
Images are standing on the stands
And I am judged tonight as rover.
No killing, violence or plunder
It’s just for road above, not under.
And wrathful voices in my head
Demand the payment for my debt.
They want no money for redemption
I have to start my self creation.

I see the earth beneath my feet
If only I would be, like it, replete
With all those shaking scorching stones!
And then, perhaps, I wouldn’t let my bones
Petrify, embracing all my flesh and mind,
Making that annoying sound of grind.


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Sky Slides

( by Annette Loginova)

It smells of trees that are not beside
And of the wind that blows nowhere
A flying vision vanishes from sight
It’s just my eyes that covered up by hair. 

The point of beeing
The sky is beautiful today
It needs just seeing
And there’s nothing else to say.
Mind is hanging on the breeze
Eyes are closed but they still shine
Take a look on the bright sides
And watch the change of
Sky slides.

Sometimes it seems to fall
And makes you two-foot tall
Don’t let yourself put up
The things will look up
As soon as sun wake up.

It doesn’t speak at all
The firmament’s just to show
What you want to see
And how it all could be
We’ll see

Mind is hanging on the breeze
Eyes are closed but they still shine
Take a look on the bright sides
And watch the change of
Sky slides.


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The Girl of Sunshine

The girl of sunshine
Your sun is so shy
When you pass over me
The lights don’t let me see
I’d like some rain for you sometimes
To wash out envious liers’ lies 
I’d like for you sometimes the snow
To cold your fire and make pain go
If I were too close to you
You would burn me all
And if I were too far from you
I would die in dark white cold
Waiting for the sunrise all the night
All the thoughts are painted bright
My heart is hanging at the highest noon
I’ll take your rays from flowers soon
Asking people you see sun there?
I will expect they are aware
As everyone has his own sun
It always stands before the man.
I never feel lonely with my star of the day
When you are here I’m in the safest bay
If I were walking through the heavy clouds
If there were grievous darkness around
I’d see the pure sunrise in blackness
I’d see your sunbeams of whiteness.


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Autumn Morning

 It’s only languorous darkness around 
And there isn’t any loud sound
The night is slowly falling
Into the day it’s turning.

At the height of the autumn drop
Rain is knocking on the roof top.
The death has settled in the garden flowers
Blue haze says bye arising
And it’s just tactfully surmising 
That in the past that unhappy barren hours.

And whole the time is all for that
To see by sleepy eyes not day not night
To see amazing early dreams
To give the world the sleeper’s beams.


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The Bliss Under the Whisper of the Rain

No need looking for a shelter 
The nature’s giving you a kiss 
Wait for the end of pelter 
Feel in the rain the pure bliss.  

No need for getting quite wet 
Settle on an edge of waterwall 
Don’t be afraid of wind’s onset 
Enjoy that voice of rainfall. 

                                                                                                      No need for any fleeting thoughts 
                                                                                                         Just free your mind along with this   
                                                                                                     Forget all that annoying oughts 
                                                                                                    Feel in the rain the pure bliss.


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